Monday, April 2, 2012

Perfect Morning Routine

A morning routine and positive mindset is vital to having a healthy day. My wakeup time is 7am, and I usually have to be ready by 8:30. Let's see what I can fit in that time span!

#1 Drink Water
The first thing to do when you wake up is to replenish the body. You haven't eaten or hydrated for the past 8 hours, now your body needs something to refresh and wake up! Drink a glass of water immediately upon waking up, and your body will thank you for it. This takes all of 5 minutes to do.

#2 Exercise & Stretch
Get that metabolism going! This workout is perfect for the morning and can be done daily. It's simple and easy to remember.

20 squats
20 pushups
20 crunches
20 jumping jacks

After the initial exercises (which takes less than 10 minutes), now it's time to stretch. Spend one minute doing each of the following:

twists: arms in air like you are going to box, twist side to side
side stretch: one hand on hip, other hand in air reaching across your head
feet reach: sit on floor with legs straight in front of you, touch your toes
hammies and quads: grab knee, pull towards chest. then grab foot, pull towards butt
arm stretch: grab wrist behind head, pull to opposite side

#3 Meditation
There are many things to think about in the morning. After working out, it's a good time to relax and focus the mind. If all is going well right now, it should be about 7:30am. Read a devotion. Visualize how the day ahead of you will be a success. Say a prayer. Maintain perfect posture for the duration of your mediation. This will only take about 10 minutes.

#4 Healthy Breakfast
Now give your starving body the fuel to start your day. Eat some fruits and grains and possibly some dairy! Have the breakfast prepared for a few days in a row so you can save time in the morning.

#5 Wash Up & Get Dressed
Now that it's about 8am and I have only 30 minutes left before my scheduled day begins, it's finally time to let my hair down and put on my face. I like to shower in the evenings, so in the morning I'm just going to wash my face, brush my teeth, and make myself look and smell as pretty as possible! An easy way to style long hair in the morning is to use pillow curls. This takes some time the night before. Here is a good site to find instructions!

Now that I have curly hair, a clean face with rosy cheeks and my signature winged eye liner, I can choose my outfit, spritz on perfume and I'm good to go! What a great morning!

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