Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hale's Printed Word

We moved to a completely new place surrounded by unfamiliar things. Hours away from family and friends. So it has been refreshing to discover something so familiar: To my delight, I found that the library is a 10 minute walk from our apartment. And to even further my happiness, I discovered that my favorite book of all time, The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, has a sequel! I read it in two days and it was perfect. The Palace of Stone was everything I hoped for and better. And that made me realize that perhaps it is time I read all of Shannon Hale's books. Now that I'm in my third trimester, I can do little else but take it easy. So reading is the perfect hobby for me! 

I'm halfway through reading this gem, Book of a Thousand Days. I love it because it is the same familiar style of writing that I fell in love with in the Princess Academy books -- but it has a completely different feel concerning the characters and situations. I have a hunch about how it will turn out in the end, but we'll see. It might be shocking. This one is for a more mature audience than the princess ones. Once I finish this one in a day or two I will move on to The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. She's my new favorite author! 

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