Thursday, February 9, 2012

Robitussin + Cold-Eeze

Yes, that's right.. I'm sick. So is pretty much everyone else I know. It's like the plague. Thanks to my fiancé for passing it on to me! :P

So since I'm skipping classes today and loaded up with meds, I decided to create a blog! Multimedia has always been my stress outlet.

I'd like to share some ideas on what to do for those days when you are feeling like absolute death (like I am today). Because who wants to do homework when you feel like this!

1. Kill some zombies (seems rather appropriate):

2. Check out some awkward family photos:

3. Draw a picture:

4. Reread the ending of Harry Potter:

5. Sleep ALL DAY.

What are your ideas for what to do on a sick day? Please share!